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Making sure all the compliance requirements are fulfilled is good bookkeeping. What empowers our clients around their finances is providing them with meaningful reports.

We can provide the standard set of Profit and Loss reports from QB or Simply but if you need more information we can provide you with a variety of reports to suit your budget and your needs.

Quarterly Financial Reports

In this report, we make comparisons of this year to last year, this quarter to the same quarter last year and this month to last month. We include the COGS and Expenses represented as a % of the Sales.

A copy of this report also goes to your Accountant so that they can see in a snapshot, where your business is at and to give a more in-depth analysis of the story behind the figures.

We recommend this for micro to small business owners who don’t want to grow their business beyond what they can manage themselves and at a cost of $95 per month it’s affordable for this size business.​

Monthly Strategic Board Reports

This set of reports is suitable for business owners needing to make strategic decisions month by month.


It includes:


  • KPI reports (customised for your business)

  • Budget analysis

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • A session with a Specialist Bookkeeper to determine your specific KPI’s


Ask us about the costs to set up you specific information about your business so that you can make strategic financial decisions.

Quarterly Board Reports

Most Sole Proprietors or small to medium sized businesses don’t have a “Board” that they are required to report to each month. We encourage our clients to think and behave they are larger than they really are which has a flow-on effect of generating growth in their business.


 On the other hand, some business owners keep a lot of the financial information in their head and manage to run their business successfully for many years. There usually comes a point though where the business has outgrown them and they need to share part of that load. The only way of doing this successfully is to have a set of reports that can be discussed with all the shareholders in the business.


The Quarterly Board Reports include:


  • The Fitness Review (Board Report) which examine five KPI’s in the business: Cash Flow, Sales, Gross Profit and Net Profit

  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Collection Rate

  • Current Ratio

  • The Quarterly Financial Reports

  • An analysis by a Specialist Bookkeeper:

Ask us about the costs to set up you specific information about your business so that you can make strategic financial decisions which will greatly benefit your business.

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